We act in the present, thinking about your future, we are responsibility!


From our Victoria by Marianela Collection comes a collaboration with the Aladina Foundation dedicated to the comprehensive support of children and adolescents with cancer and their families to which we allocate 10% of the total sales of this collection.

Thank you for helping us draw smiles on the bravest boys and girls!


This limited edition charm is the most special in our collection. 20% of the total sales of the Fuerza Charm go to the Spanish Breast Cancer Federation. 

Get your Charm Fuerza, wear it always with you and pay tribute to all the women who have fought and continue to fight every day.

Together we are stronger!

Energy saving

In our stores and offices we have implemented LED lighting as a measure of energy efficiency and savings. Another of our rules is that the power strip must be turned off every night so that no element consumes outside of the hours of sale to the public, assuming an energy saving of 12 hours a day.


Amaloa has a team of fifty people. In addition, there are many collaborators, suppliers and artisans involved in the brand. The average age of our team is 27 years in a country where the youth unemployment rate is around 32%, the second highest in the European Union. We are committed to youth and we work on their training oriented towards sales and customer service to provide them, on many occasions, with their first work experience.


Purchases made through our online store,, are sent inside an envelope made of 70% recyclable material. In addition to this, this envelope can be given a second life by recycling it one more time.

Digital ticket

In our physical points of sale we have the digital ticket available to our clients, and for printed tickets we have double-sided thermal paper to increase paper savings as much as possible. In addition, in online sales, the purchase receipt is sent to the customer exclusively through email.


We are very aware of the importance of giving a second life to everything that surrounds us, therefore, our merchandise is always stored and transported in reusable bags and boxes. In our day to day we have small gestures that in the long run generate a great positive impact on the environment, such as the use of recycled paper or the implementation of recycling containers in our offices.


In Amaloa we have a packaging of many opportunities and free of plastic. It is made up of reusable boxes, cotton sacks, envelopes and paper bags that have the FSC certification (Forest Management Certification) that provides the security of coming from forests managed in a responsible and sustainable way.

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