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In recent times we have remembered how important the people around us and our relationship with them are. Last year, in AmaloA we celebrated Mother's Day talking about them, about the mothers of our AmaloA community where, in such a difficult year, the words strength, courage and courage took center stage. We narrate the real stories of the followers of our brand, and of their mothers and they were the protagonists of such a special Mother's Day. We bear in mind every day the responsibility and the immense pride of being part of your special moments. In each visit to a point of sale and in each online purchase there is behind a gesture of love in the form of a gift for someone special.

For this reason, this year we wanted to give you back a little bit of what you have given us and, since we know your stories, we should have you know ours, those of some of the members of this wonderful team, and the reality of each one of U.S. And what better way to do it than through them, who we carry in the depths of our being and who know us best: our MOMS. In our team we are mothers, children and siblings. We are who we are thanks to our history, and a place, an office or a brand are nothing without the people who inhabit them.

Behind the 6 letters of AmaloA, there is a family that brings to you everything it does with love and this time we have opened our hearts. Here we leave our SOUL for you to know us.

Happy Mother's Day!

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